Student Comments Written Anonymously after Participating in Our

Motorcycle Awareness and Safety Education Presentation

• Amazing presentation. Very clear and helpful information,

I would recommend anyone to listen to this presentation.

• This was definitely one of the most eye-opening presentations I have seen. Driving is pretty

intimidating to me, especially when around motorcycles, but this made me feel better prepared. Thank you!

• I definitely feel safer driving with motorcycles on the roads now.

• You showed me to look more and to make sure you can see the whole road before turning left.

• The videos are awesome to be able to visualize the situations talked about.

• I will think about this presentation and what you taught every time I see a motorcycle on the road.

• I didn’t know much about motorcycle safety and now I know a lot.

• The knowledge that motorcycles can slow down without brake lights is super helpful to know

because those lights are what I usually look for.

• Learning why they do what they do is more comforting to drive next to, behind, or in front of them.

• I learned that seeing a motorcycle is extremely difficult and I need to expect a motorcycle even if there isn’t one.

• Made me realize what distractions can do and how motorcyclists are not always the ones being dangerous.

• I will be WAY more aware of motorcycles. I never realized how easy it was to lose sight of them.

• It taught me how to keep myself and others safer while driving.

• My uncle rides motorcycles and this really opened my eyes a lot.

• This morning I was driving and made mistakes I didn’t know they were until today.

I now know how to better behave on the road and look for motorcycles.

• This is definitely information everyone should know even if they don’t take drivers education.

• I never knew how important it was to have sunglasses in the car.

• I learned a lot from this presentation. It was the most engaging and informative one we’ve had so far.

• This presentation was very helpful in understanding how cautious you need to be with motorcycles on the road.

• I liked the mix of personal stories and facts that were used.

• I learned so many new things that I didn’t know before.

• As someone with family who frequently ride motorcycles, this presentation really taught me a lot.

Thank you for this new knowledge.

• Motorcycles always made me a little nervous, but the info about speed, lane movement, and turn signals,

helps me understand motorcycles more and will help me be more careful.

• All of the tips that were said I’m going to do every time I drive, and this presentation impacted me in a good understanding way.

• Most collisions are from distractions.

• Very well done presentation, lots of great information learned.

• I became more aware of what to do when I see motorcycles on the road.

• I will think about this presentation and what you taught every time I see a motorcycle on the road.

• My mother owns a motorcycle and I wish to own one myself,

I’m glad there are people spreading awareness about motorcycle safety.

• I’m a new driver and it gave me tips for while I’m driving and things I should look out for.

• You showed me to look more and to make sure you can see the whole road before turning left.

• Brings out how much more attention you should give your surroundings at all times.

• I learned that motorcycles can slow down almost completely without braking but by downshifting.

• This presentation was amazing. I have a lot more respect for motorcyclists.

I now know that when they are moving in their lane they are avoiding things. It has nothing to do with my driving.

• It was memorable, and I learned a lot.

• Knowing what motorcyclists are thinking when changing lane positions was very helpful.

• Explanations were easy to understand, and lots of information included in a short time.

• Learned new things that could definitely save lives on the road.

• Very good presentation with strong examples and well thought out methods of teaching.

• Looking twice can be the difference between life and death and I’ll continue to use this information.

• I have never known or thought about any of this stuff, so this presentation was very helpful. Thanks!

• Important to see and very realistic.

• I feel much more equipped to be safer on and around motorcycles.

• I have family that rides and I still learned more things I didn’t know. Thank you.

• I am very glad that there are groups that raise awareness for checking for motorcycles.

I have many family members and friends that ride.

• Taught me more things about motorcycles than I thought I knew and changed my perspective about motorcyclists.

• I loved the presentation, and I would really like to share all of these facts I learned with my family and friends.

 It has impacted my life!

• I think it was beneficial to my driving skills and it makes me think of all the turns I’ve made where I could’ve

hit a motorcycle but turned anyway. I will take this information and apply it to my driving for the rest of my life.

• Felt thoroughly engaged throughout and stereotypes of motorcyclists were challenged in a positive way.

• Very engaging and made me really think about the type of driver I want to be.

• I noticed I’ve made many mistakes and haven’t taken all the safety precautions I should.

I will keep “Look Twice Save a Life” in my head.

• Excellently dispelled many myths and stereotypes about bikers such as why they change lane positions.

Showed just how truly difficult it is to see motorcycles behind objects.



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New York State Governors Traffic Safety Committee and New York State Association of Traffic Safety Boards